My Focus

Custom overlays and intros for Streamer's and Youtuber's
Motion Design

Intro, Overlays and more.

Graphic Design

Twitch, YouTube overlays and more.

My current status:

Not available for work: Last update: 24th March. 2017, and will be unavailable for a long wile FAQ / STATUS

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About ME

YouTuber, Gamer, Graphic and Motion Designer
Small briefing of myself:

My name is SkytechRush a.k.a SkytorRush and Skyrush @ swtor & BnS community. I am 26 Year old gamer from Norway, Oslo. Currently a graphic and motion designer hobby enthusiastic (self-taught atm), working on taking a step further in to freelancer one day. Specializing on simple and overkill stream overlays and intro frequents, Trailers and channel intros for streams, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook banners / Avatars and other platform with low and reasonable prize. **Bellow this text u can see how i honestly rate my own capability.**

  • Motion Graphics

    Trailer and Channel Intro videos

  • Grafic Design

    Stream overlays, YouTube, Twitter Facebook banners.

  • PvP Montage

    5 +/- min PvP montages of games (on games i have experience of - Swtor / Wildstar / WoW)

  • Outside Project

    anything not game related

Latest Post

Round 2: Fight!


I have now reshaped / reconstructed my website, with more viewer friendly I hope and more cleaner. I added bunch of other stuff in to my website, as well as I have my own Gaming Channel upgrading slowly but it can now been viewed. I have also increased the price slightly and I have a new price table you can browse true + new offers. I am again open for business but there is a limit on how many I can take in now until summer so hurry up.  Hope you like my new and shiny website – Spread it out!

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-SkytechRush, a.k.a Skyruhs, a.k.a SkytorRush

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