Purchase & Order

How does the Discount / Coupon work.

For Custom Order Customers:
To be able to use your Discount Code from your favorite streamer you have to be a subscriber to their channel/network such as Twitch/Hitbox or any other support function (YouTube does not count), I will ask for your account name so I can check it out. Use it wisely, it’s a 1 time only use.

What type of payment do you accept?

I accept only PayPal for now with PayPal Account (No Credit cards). For security reason it’s beneficial for both parties to do this method.

How does the “Custom Order” process work?

First, you chose your form. Chose a form that is already have a set choice for you or full list form that you can browse true.

Second, send in the order after you read my terms and gone true spam control. And you can look for your current price that has been calculated true a textbox. You can check your discount code if it is valid (It does not count on the calculated price yet, might change in the future.) Make sure that you are a subscriber to the respective owner of the code so i can check it out and see if its correct. More at the “Discount Section”

Last, the order is sent to me directly and you will get an instant receipt of your form.

You don’t need to be ready to pay anything yet, after you send the order you can always cancel if you suddenly change your mind from start or midway but I hope is not get to that point as then both parties waste their time :(.  Payment will happen true purchase link that you will get to your email or Skype or any other method you wish to communicate with when it’s done. This is a method I like to use to make it safe for my customers if anything happens. This can be change in the future but it works for now.

What happen if there is communication loss between us? (Cancel)

I hope that that will never come to pass, but if it does this will happen:
If I don’t hear from you for over 1 week I will cancel your order.
There is 2 criteria’s here that need to meat before I cancel the order/project
1.    If the communication between us is bad or lack of interest from the customer
2.    If I don’t get any single respond from my latest comment in the conversation for over 7 days.

I cannot wait for you and I will not constantly nag. I expect feedback from the customer during the proses of your order so I can make a product that will make you 100% satisfied of.

And there will not be any warning from me. If I don’t hear from you after 1 or 2 week I am not going to contact you again as I will consider as we have cut ties.

What happen if I decide to cancel the order?

Any cancellations of Custom Order will lose any right with the content that is made by me.
After 2 weeks of the given cancellation time I can use the item as I deem fit. Any file you provided to me will not be used on any other projects and I will delete them. You can still re-open the order but in the limited time of 2 weeks after cancellation.

Why haven’t I got any respond to my “Custom Order”?

If you have filed out a custom order form and submitted, yet not haven’t seen a single respond after 3 days (72 hours)
There can be few reason behind it:

1.   Check out your e-mail for spam mail,
2.   Check “My Status” if I’m available for work. If its Red and not available. Consider that i don’t take any costumers at this point until its Yellow or Green light again. (Usually i respond my emails         in the end before 7 days.) .More detailed here: Status or in “Working Schedule” tab
3.   Maybe I have not reserved any submission from you, check if you have send me the right email details.

How do I cancel order?

You can simply contact me by the method we have agreed on or you can cancel order by just tag in the right menu in here.

Can I change my current order?

You have the chance to make some alteration or changes on your order(s), like if you chose wrong order and stuff you can always contact me.



Do you store a backup place to receive the files and for how long?

Yeah I do, especially the custom order products I made.

What happen if I go past download limit?

You will not be able to download it more so please make sure you download and save your stuff on secure location. Past over the download limit and you have to buy the product again.

How many times can I download Purchase File?

Custom Order is unlimited.
Any other purchase as pre-made and stuff, 5 times is the limit if it doesn’t say anything else in your receipt on purchase or download information before purchase.



How can I report if I encounter purchase/transaction problem?

If the issue came from a Custom Order i will be online in that period and available to fix/find the problem with you with the agreed communication platform.
Pre-made purchases can report it right away to my Report section right here choose your subject.

What happen if I don’t get my purchase file?

If any problem. Contact me on Skype, email, in-game or contact page.


About Me / Other

How can I support you, and do I get any benefit out of it?

It’s easy, there are many ways. You can add review on the Purchase item and rate the product.
You can share my site true social media.

You can give shootout hand have a referral banner with your custom made discount code/coupon
(with this you can get discount codes that stack for every customer that use your code in their purchase.)

Or there can be other method like having a subscriber only discount code

How can I contact you with questions related to your work?
Through contact page.

How do I check your status if your available for custom jobs?

You can check right here!

  • Green bar: shows that I am fully available.
  • Yellow bar: shows that I am available but have Custom Orders in queue or other business/stuff I need to address first.
  • Orange: bar shows that I am still available but busy. Still taking orders but only people that is in front of the list. (Usually I add extra information in to it)
  • Red bar: shows that I am not available and every custom order send right before that time will go true but usually I will lock down all the forms in the duration that I am not available (I will add extra information in to it from when I am unavailable to estimate time I will be available again.

Do you play any console game or are you one of those pc master race people?

Yeah I do when im bored or when i need a time off from computer gaming.

What types of games do you play?

I like fighting games like Tekken and some sports games but my favorite genre is MMORPG like WoW, SWTOR, and B&S type of game style.

Do you have your own YouTube channel?

Yeah and I have 2. One for gaming and one for graphics.

Can I check your work?

Yeah you can check and watch all “My Work” here


FAQ page to be continued and to be improved.

Last edited: May 10th, 2016